book by David Eshelman; original folk music by Charley Sandage and Charlie T. Crow  

A new folk musical-in-progress inspired by one of the most bizarre episodes in Arkansas history: the 30 days of near-anarchy in 1874 when the state had two sitting governors, each backed by his own militia. Amid the high-stakes madness and political mayhem, Helena, a former slave, tries to just run her boarding house — but it’s easier said than done. 

Meet the Playwright: David J. Eshelman

David J. Eshelman is associate professor of communication and director of the theatre program at Arkansas Tech University, where he is founder and artistic director of the Arkansas Radio Theatre.  His stage plays include The Witches’ Quorum, A Taste of Buffalo, and Who’s That Ghoul? Radio plays include Vim and Vigor, Trees Hate Us, and the ongoing action/adventure YouTube series Concealed Carrie: Diamond State Crime Fighter.

Meet the Composer: Charley Sandage

Charley Sandage is a songwriter and retired educator. His songwriting credits include the extensive “Arkansas Stories” project, a series inspired by events in Arkansas history, out of which “A Little War in Little Rock” evolved. He has taught history and speech, served as an administrator in public schools and colleges, and developed documentaries at Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN), where he has often written songs for TV productions. He holds a BSE from Henderson State College and an MA and Ed.D from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

Charlie Crow.png

Meet the Composer: Charlie T. Crow 

Charlie Crow’s eclectic approach to songwriting embraces Americana, Broadway-style ballads, country, jazz, pop, gospel, satire and humor. He has belonged to musical groups and bands in Little Rock, Birmingham and Nashville. His CD, Angela’s Asleep: Songs of Life and Living, was issued in 2010. His song “Loving Hearts, Willing Hands” was distributed by Habitat for Humanity International and the Gospel Music Association, and his “Odometer Blues,” comparing an aging car to an aging singer, was featured on NPR’s Car Talk.