(i)sland t(rap) 

by Austin Ashford

Join Austin Ashford on this reverse, one-person Odyssey. Black Ulysses sets off on a mythic voyage from his own island to discover his true artistic home—where his raps can effortlessly flow. With the aid of a wise old lobster and a ukulele, his epic journey takes him through the straits of self-doubt and self-worth as he seeks, through poetry and song, to find and reveal his authentic self.

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6/18 4:30pm at Theatresquared

Austin Ashford returns to TheatreSquared, having recently appeared in All The Way as well as The Champion at the 2016 Arkansas New Play Festival. He has earned 21 national titles in Forensics in such events as dramatic interpretation, poetry interpretation, prose interpretation, and impromptu speaking. He holds the three-year running title 'Most Valuable Performer' from the Denzel Washington/Melvin B. Tolson Forensics Society. He is the only forensicator to perform for the Academy Award winner, and received a letter of recommendation from Mr. Washington. He was also the winner of HBO's Brave New Voices–Individual World Poetry Slam. Originally from Oakland, Ca., he holds a BA from Wiley College in Marshall, TX and is an MFA candidate in acting at the University of Arkansas.